About Dr. Projector

Dr. Projector is Taiwan’s first professional projector lamp supply and selling company which is also the specialist of projector lamp and rear projection lamp. Dr. Projector Projection Module are sold in Taiwan, China, North America, Europe and other regions. Our projector burner and Materials for Reflectors are provided by the same suppliers of OE factory. Our techniques are patented in many countries and our quality of lamp as well as techniques are approved by customers, which could not be replaced by the alternative lamps made by China.

We have our own production line to manufacture replacement lamps . The quality can be guaranteed and price is competitive. Other projector lamp parts can be supplied if you need.

In addition, Dr Projector Projection Module with the original set of prices compared to a more parity, but the quality & life of the lamp is almost the same as the original, high quality and reasonable price is Dr Projector Projection Module with the largest group Advantage.